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Disaster Restoration Company

Certified Clean Up Specialists

Professionals refer us when tragedy strikes

What to do when a traumatic situation happens to you. We specialize in clean up for trauma, death, crime scene, chemical spills, green clean, and hoarding. We feel honored to assist other families or businesses in their time of need. You can trust us to restore your home or business back to a safe condition.

We are recommended by insurance companies as being dependable and professional. Whether you’re in Southern California or out of state, we can be trusted to take care of all the details, including working with the insurance company to cover clean up expenses.

Harmony Environmental provides clean up services after any of these traumatic situations:

·      Suicide or Murder Clean Up

·      Undiscovered Deaths Clean Up

·      Emergency Cleaning and Trauma Clean Up

·      Disinfection Clean Up

·      Bio Hazards and Blood Clean Up

·      Hoarding Clean Up

·      Meth smoke & lab remediation

·      Mass disinfection to large areas

·      MRSA, Noro Virus, Ebola, & C-diff

·      Mercury or Chemical Spills

·      Fuel-Oil Spills or Traffic Accidents

·      Fire damage & Decontamination

·      Mold Remediation

·      Cold Room Disinfection

·      Animal Infestation


Emergency Cleanup and Trauma Cleanup

Harmony Environmental works collaboratively with you to take care of any situation. We can perform trauma and emergency cleaning services required by a California licensed organization.

We are not like other environmental cleaning companies. Here, we respond to accidental spills with quick response vehicles fully equipped with all the safety equipment and supplies to eradicate your problem. We provide solutions: together we can do our part to keep pollutants of of the environment.

We bill your insurance company directly. Harmony Environmental is a Licensed Contractor (California Contractor License #949730, EPA ID #362655, EPA Lead ID #NAT29415-1) with a Hazmat Certificate, insured (Liability, WC, Auto), and lead certified. We are OSHA compliant and are a California Certified Crime and Trauma Scene practitioner.

Video on Harmony Environmental

Harmony Environmental Services is fully licensed, Hazwoper certified, and OSHA compliant

Treating all of our clients with care and compassion
Quick response vehicles located throughout the 4 county area
Work performed in a discreet and timely manner

San Diego’s Homegrown HazMat Contractor     888-623-4191  member of Decontamination Professionals