“One year and one day ago, a badly decomposed body was discovered in my Mom’s living room when she returned from vacation. Much of the house was infested with flies and maggots. It was a health hazard, not to mention a disgusting and daunting disaster to behold. But as soon as the Coroner removed the body, Harmony Environmental Services took over and cleaned up the horrible mess. They worked all that night and eventually filled many red bio-hazard containers plus a large roll-off dumpster with contaminated stuff from the house.It took a week but when they were done, much of the house was bare down to the original wood floors — but it was safe and odorless.Unfortunately my mother’s insurance company wasn’t so helpful or compassionate. Within hours of filing a claim, the insurance company denied it — and continued to deny it month after month, appeal after appeal. Finally in desperation I asked HES for their assistance and they put me in touch with a specialized insurance law firm. And almost one year to the day — we settled in San Diego U.S. District Court.Thank you Keith and all the rest of the great HES employees who worked so hard and helped us so much. We couldn’t have done it without you.” Woody