Testimonials 2016, June – also at Yelp

We had a terrible family tragedy – about as bad as it can get with the body not being discovered for weeks.

The emotional strain this places on family members is intense and requires a huge level of emotional delicacy. The technical skills to safely and efficiently perform remediation in a property that has been impacted by such an event is a tremendous undertaking – one that required persistence and patience in ensuring that the house was able to be returned to “before” conditions.

To do both, while aiding with the Property Insurance claims process every step of the way, brought yet a whole higher level of complexity to an already emotionally charged environment.

Bottom line, Justin, Joe and Kevin simply took care of our needs with the highest level of professionalism and integrity that we could have ever hoped for. Incidentally, I vetted three companies under duress, and from initial contact with Joe, to meeting Justin at the site for the first time, to the concluding meeting with Kevin and our insurance adjusters – I am convinced that I could not have chosen a better company to work with.

My last words to Justin were “I hope I never see you and your team again, but if ever I am in such a situation that I was in, they are the first and only company I will call”

With sincerity,

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