MRSA Clean Up Orange County

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Most Important: if you think you may have been exposed to MRSA, wash each hand for approximately 1 minute – frequently. 
Turn off faucets with a paper towel.
Use a strong disinfectant or gel on your hands after washing.

Harmony Environmental uses Steramist, a special system that effectively eliminates pathogenic bacteria as it disinfects, with a kill rate of 99.999%. When we are finished, the room will be clean and sterile.

MRSA, also know as “the superbug” or staph infection, is a contagious problem that can spread through many conditions. Harmony Environmental Services uses Steramist to kill pathogenic bacteria and inactivate viruses. We then go through each infected area and thoroughly clean all surfaces using a strong disinfectant.

Our staff has been trained and licensed by the state of California to perform this service. Do not try to do this yourselves as this can be very dangerous.

Contact Harmony Environmental Services and let us provide skilled assistance. (Our staff wears protective clothing to insure we do not contaminate ourselves or our loved ones.)

A Certificate of Disinfection is issued for all MRSA clean up projects
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Harmony Environmental Services is fully licensed, Hazwoper certified, and OSHA compliant

Treating all of our clients with care and compassion
Quick Response vehicles located throughout 4 county area
Work performed in a discreet and timely manner

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