Hoarding Clean Up

Professionals refer us when tragedy strikes

Hoarding Cleanup in San Diego County, Riverside County, Palm Springs, and Palm Desert areasMost hoarders don’t come forward asking for help or asking for a cleanup – someone usually steps in and forces the situation. Our crews are very understanding and empathetic to both scenarios.

We never approach the scene with a preconceived notion that everything will be thrown away. We realize that there is some sort of emotional attachment to most, if not all, the items collected.  We will thoroughly search for items of value.

At Harmony Environmental we treat each and every hoarding situation as a unique situation – because that’s what it is. People who hoard or “collect” excessively have triggers and reasons for doing so, whether they consciously know it or not. People respond to the “de clutter” process differently. Some people feel as if they have suffered a severe loss – while others view it as an opportunity for a fresh start.

Hoarding not only affects the lives of the hoarder. It can impact family members, landlord, or property owner. Neighbors may find they are left to deal with the hazards of these situations.

A Certificate of Disinfection is issued for all hoarding clean up projects
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Harmony Environmental Services is fully licensed, Hazwoper certified, and OSHA compliant

Treating all of our clients with care and compassion
Quick Response vehicles located throughout the 4 county area
Work performed in a discreet and timely manner

member of Decontamination Professionals