Ebola and Bio-Hazardous Clean Up Requires Extra Caution

SDHAZMAT is California licensed and trained for Ebola Clean Up in San Diego County, Riverside County, Palm Springs, and Palm Desert areas In case Ebola appears in the San Diego area, Harmony Environmental is a local, home grown firm that is California certified for bio-hazard clean up. We are trained and equipped to provide cleaning services in bio-hazardous situations.

Cleaning up after Ebola requires special equipment and training. Please read the attached article recently published in the Smithsonian Magazine  

How Does One Clean Up an Ebola Patient’s Home?

Ebola clean up requires special attention to detail from what the firm wears to the services that are provided. The following is an interesting article about the Ebola clean up in Dallas, Texas –  the first clean up firm was replaced by a second business that was better equipped and trained.

New Team Takes Over Clean Up Services in Dallas


Harmony Environmental Services is fully licensed, Hazwoper certified, and OSHA compliant

Treating all of our clients with care and compassion
Quick Response vehicles located throughout the 4 county area
Work performed in a discreet and timely manner

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