Refrigerator Trailer sideview

Cold Room Disinfection
Walk in Refrigerators – Freezers Cleanup

Cold Room Storage areas all have a significant potential for mold growth.

This applies to trucks moving refrigerated or frozen foods, restaurants’ walk in freezers or refrigerators, and laboratories’ cold rooms.

Fresh air circulation in cold storage areas is very limited. The supplied air creates moisture problems which in turn causes mold generation.

Harmony Environmental Services can fully remove mold using Stearmist and the TOMI systems.

The combination of Steramist and TOMI is far more effective than simple spray and wipe disinfection, SteraMist™ BIT™ offers high capacity disinfection. Click here for more information

Call or email to setup a routine schedule for Disinfection.

We are recommended by insurance companies as being dependable and professional. Whether you’re in Southern California or out of state, Harmony Environmental can be trusted to handle all cleaning details, restoring the area to normal conditions, and working with the insurance company to cover clean up expenses. We take full responsibility for each project.

Harmony Environmental Services provides a professional, safe and OSHA compliant manner. You can feel completely confident that any further danger or signs of what occurred has been eliminated from the area.