Chemical Spill Response

Professionals refer us when accidents occur

Chemical Spill clean up in San Diego County, Riverside County, Palm Springs, and Palm Desert areasThe California Department of Public health and Cal OSHA have established procedures for handling potentially hazardous material including management and manifests of all Hazardous Chemical, biological and universal waste.

We are a licensed contractor # 949730 with a Hazmat certificate, and lead certified. We follow all OSHA, federal and state regulations to insure that when we arrive at a scene we capture and contain all hazardous materials minimizing exposure for any public or emergency responders.

When materials are spilled onto dirt or other surfaces all contaminated materials are collected and shipped to an appropriate facility following all laws and regulations.

We also handle broken fluorescent lamps, solvents, paints and construction chemicals. All of these need to be cleaned up with management practices and disposed of properly. Workers need to be protected from exposure. Proper lab packing and disposal is the law.

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A Certificate of Disinfection is issued for all chemical spill clean up projects
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Harmony Environmental Services is fully licensed, Hazwoper certified, and OSHA compliant

Treating all of our clients with care and compassion
Quick Response vehicles located throughout the 4 county area
Work performed in a discreet and timely manner

member of Decontamination Professionals