Rebecca S Cook

On April 5, 2012 I was notified by the medical examiner that my husband’s body was found in the master bedroom between the king bed and exterior wall in our Carlsbad California home. 

Within a few minutes of performing a Google search, I received a call from Harmony Environmental Services and 30 minutes later this this company was at the house beginning to clean up.

The crew worked for 8 hours or until 11 o’clock p.m. The cleanup of my home took 8-9 solid days of work by the wonderful people of Harmony Environmental Services.

As dark as this time was for me I felt so very well taken care of by the people who work for Harmony. This includes Keith, his wife Cindy and several young men who all went above and beyond for me during the clean up. Not only did the house sparkle after the cleaning, all odors were gone and furniture moved to the garage. This allowed the contracting company to paint and re-carpet the house.

Keith Davis worked directly with my insurance company which protected me from yet another detail during this trying time. I would recommend Harmony Environmental Services Incorporated to anyone who needs their specialized services. Do not even bother to shop further then this company they are truly an amazing group of people. I cannot even imagine how they do what they do but they do it and do it so very well. Rebecca S Cook